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Property Post-Purchase Care Services

Once you’ve bought or sold your property, our relationship doesn’t end there.

People often need help putting the finishing touches to their new home, advice on renovations, or support with their onward move. This is particularly useful if you are new to an area.

Depending on who you need, I will open up my ‘black book’ of contacts. These are my trusted connections, whom I have gathered over my years in the property sector, ranging from architects, planning consultants, interior designers, builders, decorators, plumbers and electricians through to private banks, solicitors, wealth managers, insurance brokers, accountants, jewellery consultants, car finance specialists and even an artist who will create a bespoke piece for your new sitting room.

If I don’t personally know someone who can help you, there will be someone I know who will point me in the right direction. Having a personal introduction and recommendation reduces any qualms or uncertainty you might be feeling. This exceptional free service is available to you as my client. It is fully covered by The Alex Goldstein Gold Standard – no referral fees, no incentives, no backhanders, just tried and tested people I trust.

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