Property values to increase by 30% over next 5 years

October 2014

According to Oxford Economics and Rightmove, residential property prices in England are due to increase by an average of 30% over the next 5 years.

The house price forecast is based on property and economic data, rather than opinion and short-term market factors. Some of the fastest performing areas include Brighton and  Swindon at 40%, with Southampton leading the way at 43%.

The Home Counties are expected to benefit from the ripple effect from central London. However following the recent boom years in London, prices in prime central London are expected to rise at a much slower rate of growth.

The regional 5 year forecast is as follows:

National – 30.2%

South East – 37.3%

East – 35.6%

London – 32.5%

South West – 31.8%

Yorkshire – 27.9%

Wales – 25.9%

Midlands – 25.8%

North East and West – 24.7

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