Poor estate agent communication? 65% agree!

December 2014

According to the latest research by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), 65% of people who have purchased or sold a property in the past 5 years have experienced problems with their estate agent.

High on the list of problems that consumers had with their appointed agents was poor communication, inaccurate property descriptions, dishonesty and unnecessarily overpricing property.

Those living in London were most likely to experience a problem, with a staggering 83% claiming to have had an issue!

These stark statistics reveal how much of a shortfall there is between clients’ expectations and overall estate agents customer service levels. However, what are the possible reasons for these disparities?

The way the world has changed over the last decade, both in terms of business operations and how we all communicate has been fast-paced to say the least. Whilst not all estate agency businesses are the same, often there is now a greater emphasis on key performance indicators (KPI’s) and short term goals. This puts increasing pressure on individual agents to perform in their daily duties and to sign-up clients, in order to keep their superiors happy. As a result, this can mean that client interests are not necessarily the main driving force behind the advice given, which may leave some clients understandably disgruntled.

Due to the pressures on each agent, they have little time to liaise with their clients. With companies watching their bottom lines with increased enthusiasm and not taking on key administrative staff, this inevitably leads to poor communication with clients.

It is clear that estate agents need to listen more to their clients and to adjust their businesses accordingly. However clients also need to be mindful of why some estate agents do not give them the service levels they desire and the reasons for this. The right choice of estate agent and managing them is more important than it has ever been. You can therefore understand why so many clients approach Alex Goldstein Property Consultants to get the inside track on selling their most important asset.

At Alex Goldstein Property Consultants we offer straight forward advice, with no hidden agendas. We are completely independent and only want what’s best for you. We are not bound by KPI’s or answerable to shareholders.

We only add value to your sale, without the cost. This is because the appointed estate agent pays our fee, not you the seller.

Your needs are at the heart of everything we do. You will always feel in control and know exactly what is happening with your sale, as we manage the estate agent on your behalf to ensure customer service remains high.

Offering you a professional service is a must, but so is giving you the time you deserve when making one of life’s most important decisions. We strive to uphold the highest of standards using a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure you are part of a rewarding experience that leads to the very best outcome for you.

Please contact us to see how we can help you on 01423 788377, alex@alexgoldstein.co.uk or www.alexgoldstein.co.uk

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