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  • Choosing an estate agent with circus experience!

    November 2015
    In this fast paced, instant access, target driven world we live in, so much emphasis is often placed on salesmanship. It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in potatoes, poodles or property, the principles behind selling and selling techniques are…
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  • Be Illogical when Choosing your Agent!

    October 2015
    When it comes to entrusting the sale of one of your most important assets – your home – with an estate agent, one needs to be wary of how sometimes your heart can rule your head. This is not necessarily…
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  • Why Won’t My House Sell?

    September 2015
    This is one of the most frequently asked questions, that home owners put to me and is often accompanied by a long sigh when they do so. Very often it is not a straight forward fix and a “magic wand” scenario…
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  • Selling a Property with a Graveyard? No problem!

    August 2015
    One of the most unusual property transactions I have undertaken in my 13 years in the property sector, is an opportunity I was involved with last year. Having been recommended to the owner, I had an initial conversation over the…
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  • Where Phil & Kirstie Get it Wrong

    July 2015
    Everyone claims to be a property expert nowadays and it is no surprise when every other television programme seems to be about property. As a nation we are obsessed! There is a plethora of advice out there whether it be…
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  • Sell Out Audience at forthcoming Educational Talk

    June 2015
    On Thursday 18th June, Alex Goldstein will be the keynote speaker at an educational talk held at The Harrogate Club. The event is titled “The Hidden World of Estate Agents & Solicitors” and aims to provide an informed insight in…
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  • Traditional Estate Agent vs Online Agent – who wins?

    May 2015
    In a recent poll, an impressive 91% of the general public gave their support and backing to the service of traditional estate agents. The vast majority of those surveyed described their experience with agents as excellent, good or average. Only…
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  • Is there still a North-South Property Divide?

    April 2015
    It has long been reported that the price differential in property prices between Northern and Southern England has been an ongoing gap that has no signs of converging. However is this now an outdated viewpoint? York has become one of…
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  • Chinese property investment throughout UK set to increase

    March 2015
    Chinese investment in the UK housing market is set to grow this year. As is traditionally the case, many Chinese buyers will be focusing on London, however there is increasing demand from those looking for more affordable markets. It was…
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  • Housing crisis? What housing crisis?

    February 2015
    The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has stated that the Government and property industry need to collaborate to build at least 200,000 homes a year by 2020 in order to tackle the “current housing crisis”. According to the FMB, “in…
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  • First-time buyers at highest since 2007

    January 2015
    The number of first-time buyers last year, shot up to the highest level since 2007. Halifax commented that there were 326,500 first-time buyers in 2014. This was up a staggering 22% on the year before. In 2007, there were 359,000 first-time…
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  • Poor estate agent communication? 65% agree!

    December 2014
    According to the latest research by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), 65% of people who have purchased or sold a property in the past 5 years have experienced problems with their estate agent. High on the list of…
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  • 345% Growth in £1m plus Property Sales

    November 2014
    There has been a 345% growth in £1m or more sales since the first half of 2009, when transactions in this market sector were at their lowest point of the last decade at 1,382 sales. Interestingly there have been 6,143…
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  • Property values to increase by 30% over next 5 years

    October 2014
    According to Oxford Economics and Rightmove, residential property prices in England are due to increase by an average of 30% over the next 5 years. The house price forecast is based on property and economic data, rather than opinion and…
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  • Tour de Yorkshire is Confirmed

    September 2014
    On the back of the successful Grand Depart, a major new international cycle race for Yorkshire has been confirmed. The provisionally titled “Tour de Yorkshire” is backed by British Cycling and has been officially added to the world cycling calendar…
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