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  • Buying Property Tips – Know Your Onions

    July 2020
      When it comes to buying a home, purchasers often think in straight lines. By that I mean they think it’s all about the money and that to secure a property, they will only win if they offer the most…
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  • Property Guide Price & Estate Agent Fees

    June 2020
      The time has come to tackle two of the most talked about points in estate agency – property guide price and estate agent fees. Some may say these topics are rather taboo, but get them wrong and your sale…
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  • Is Your Estate Agent Team Best in Show?

    April 2020
      Tuning the television into Crufts the other month, I was amazed at the dazzling array of different dog breeds – no less than 222 according to the Kennel Club. They were tested across numerous situations and aptitude tests, displaying…
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  • The Medusa Effect Of PLC New Homes

    March 2020
      In Greek mythology, the goddess Medusa turned everything she looked at into stone. The same could be said for God’s own Country through the blight of new homes being built by large property development Public Limited Companies (PLC’s). Vast…
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  • Estate Agent Extras – Is your Estate Agent Fully-Loaded?

    January 2020
      Over the festive period, I thought I would visit that well known burger chain run by several chaps. I don’t go there very often so it was a bit of a treat. I stood at the counter examining the…
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  • Gladiatorial Estate Agents

    December 2019
      The gladiatorial arena of estate agency is where battle-hardened agents slog it out to win over clients. In today’s cut-throat market, these gladiatorial estate agents must research their opponent and use various tactics, so that they are fully armed…
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  • Know Your Estate Agent Statistics

    November 2019
      ‘Due diligence’. It’s one of those phrases that either gets you rolling your eyes or going into forensic detail, depending on your perspective. In essence it is about doing your homework when you come to buy or sell your…
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  • Sell Your House Like The Royal Marines

    September 2019
      It never ceases to amaze me how many hours are put into selling or buying our homes. We have to spend so much time on researching and inviting estate agents, having them appraise our properties, digest their opinions on…
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  • The Problem With New Build Houses

    August 2019
      We all know the feeling of elation that comes with driving your new car for the first time, or when you take your shiny new smart phone out of its packaging. When you replace an old item for something…
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  • What’s In An Offer For A House?

    July 2019
      When you are selling your home, it is often the speed with which it will sell that is one of your top priorities. In other words, how long will it take to go from the point of being marked…
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  • The North-South Property Divide

    May 2019
      It’s official. This is the first time in eight years where property prices in the south have dipped, while those in the north have increased. I was asked by Talk Radio the other week to comment on the north-south…
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  • How To Choose An Estate Agent That’s Right For You

    April 2019
      Having a footing in both the Yorkshire and London markets, the current consensus I feel, is that the vast majority of buyers and sellers just want to get on with it. Yes there is continued hot-air being churned out…
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  • Viewing A Property Advice

    February 2019
      Getting footfall across the threshold is key to securing the sale of your home. The more viewings you have, the more likely you are to end up in the fortunate position of having offers on the table. Of course,…
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  • How Much Information Should You Put Online?

    January 2019
      Virtual tours, virtual reality, elevated photography, 3D floorplans, 4K drone fly-through video – you name it and you’ll find it online on major property portals. Sounds impressive, looks great on screen – what’s not to like? Actually, there’s a…
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  • The Grey Area Of Property Buying And Selling

    November 2018
      Like it or not, the world has become more clinical in its approach to life in general. It’s all about analysis and I have previously mentioned that too much data isn’t necessarily a good thing. The same applies to…
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