Is Your Estate Agent A Chorister Or A Heavy Metal Artist?

July 2023


I reckon I’ve sat through quite a number of estate agent pitches to would-be sellers over the last 20 years – it’s a number that will probably scare me if I stopped to work it out! One question that sellers regularly ask me is, “what am I personally looking for in an estate agent?”

I tend to think of this in terms of musical genres. At the end of the day it is all music and they are all singing a song, but no two of them are the same. They each have their own individual nuances and they are all good at different things, depending on what you are after. A bit like estate agency.


The initial pitch

So straight away we have the initial pitch or market appraisal, where the estate agents come out to see you at your home. At this meeting first impressions are everything and this is where we bring out the inner-chorister of each estate agent. Smiles all round, great presentation, super vocals and they have got your attention. Sometimes their vocal notes reach for the clouds, which makes you sit a bit more upright in your armchair, but the estate agents are there to win your business (so be wary!) Heady notes of what may be achievable for your forthcoming sale gives you that feel good factor and the angelic whispers from your estate agent all sounds great.


Putting your house on the market

We then move onto the sale itself and getting into the market. This is where we move to pop band status. As much mass market appeal as possible and where we bring together the rest of the band members (or estate agency team). This is where the band all need to combine as one, sing in harmony and wow you as their client. We need marketing everywhere and to shout from the rooftops about your home which has just launched onto the market. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy and having a screaming fanbase of buyers all throwing themselves at you in order to get a viewing of your property is the dream and sometimes one can be dealing with just a handful of diehard fans. Either way, this is where experienced estate agents know how to get the best out of either situation.


Under offer stage

It is when we move to the Under Offer stage that we need to bring out the old skool heavy metal band. They have been there and done it – volume up to eleven, a solid drum beat to move everything forward in the right direction and where estate agents need to be vocal chasing down solicitors and banks, whilst keeping both buyer and seller on track. This is no mean feat and sometimes what looks easy, is far from it. On occasion a bit of a ruckus kicks off in the mosh pit, where buyers, sellers and their associated advisors decide that a bit of posturing is required. Before matters get out of control, this is where estate agents need to quickly calm the situation before security get called in to stop the deal in its tracks.


Crossing the exchange line

When the buyer and seller reach fever pitch, we then finally cross the exchange line. Cheers all round and the band leaves the stage ready for their encore in time for completion.


What am I personally looking for in an estate agent?

I am looking for the charm of a chorister, the marketing of a pop band and the grit of a heavy metal band to see the job through. So next time you see your estate agent, ask them what kind of singer they are, and preferably ask them to demonstrate it for you!


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