Is your Estate Agent Best in Show?

April 2020

Tuning the television into Crufts the other month, I was amazed at the dazzling array of different dog breeds – no less than 222 according to the Kennel Club. They were tested across numerous situations and aptitude tests, displaying various personality traits for each scenario. From working dogs to terriers, from hounds to toy, they were all accounted for. There was even a ‘Scruffts’ section, which celebrated non-pedigrees.

I am not joking when I say it made me think of estate agents. No, I don’t mean the dog-eat-dog world of property, but the fact that they come in many breeds, all with their own characteristics, their own particular styles and their own ways of moving round the arena. But the question is, unless you belong to property’s version of the Kennel Club, how can you tell the difference between the pedigrees and the mongrels?

I have always said that good estate agency is built around a team, where each member has their own unique set of skills and experience to contribute. The key is knowing how to spot what types of individuals and personalities you need and when to bring them into play. So when you choose which agency to sell your home, you know your ‘pack’ is the best it can be.

The property valuer is a key member of the pack and like an energetic and affable Golden Retriever, they get on with everyone, bringing a constant stream of business and leads back to the kennels.

When it comes to chasing viewing feedback or going after an individual who has expressed interest in a property, you need a Jack Russell. Energetic, fearless and always nipping at the heels, Jack Russells demand attention and their dogged persistence often lands them exactly what they want. They may be small, but make no mistake, they are definitely mighty.

When terms are agreed and you go Under Offer, this is where you need the Greyhound. Speed is of vital importance to keep the time between receipt of draft contracts and exchange of contracts, to the absolute minimum. This stage is when the pressure is at its greatest and whilst speed is of paramount importance, you also need the back-up of a Doberman. Once this guard dog is off the lead, it will chase and bark at all comers, who will ignore it at their peril. In a property transaction, the Doberman will chase down those last sticking points and get any outstanding matters promptly resolved.

There will be the odd occasion when things do not go according to plan and this is where your trusted Havanese or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can help. These dogs are often chosen as therapy dogs for their ability to provide calm and comfort to their stressed owners. Having one of these in your pack can be vital to keeping your sale on track when it hits a bumpy road.

To oversee the whole operation you need the dependable British Bulldog whose unflappable nature, stubborn persistence and years of dogged experience inspire confidence in the whole team. When they call the orders, everyone marches to their tune.

I am often brought into situations where vendors have unwittingly let all these breeds off the lead at the same time and they are running amok in the park. They have lost control, falling into the trap of offering the pack a reward of one meagre bone at the end. As any owner knows, if you put a bit of meat on the bone, then you ensure you keep the pack under control and they give you their undivided attention.

So it is the variety of breeds across your well-trained team that will make your house sale proceed as smoothly as possible. You must choose your pack carefully, because if you get it wrong, you might find yourself surrounded by Shih Tzus!

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