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  • Know your Estate Agent Statistics

    November 2019
    ‘Due diligence’. It’s one of those phrases that either gets you rolling your eyes or going into forensic detail, depending on your perspective. In essence it is about doing your homework when you come to buy or sell your home.…
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  • Best Sale Price for your Home? Call The Royal Marines!

    September 2019
    It never ceases to amaze me how many hours are put into selling or buying our homes. We have to spend so much time on researching and inviting estate agents round, having them appraise our properties, digest their opinions on…
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  • The Problem with New Build Homes

    August 2019
    We all know the feeling of elation that comes with driving your new car for the first time, or when you take your shiny new smart phone out of its packaging. When you replace an old item for something new,…
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  • What’s in an offer anyway?

    July 2019
    When you are selling your home, it is often the speed with which it will sell that is one of your top priorities. In other words, how long will it take to go from the point of being marked ‘For…
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  • The South-North Property Divide

    May 2019
    It’s official. This is the first time in eight years where property prices in the south have dipped, while those in the north have increased. I was asked by Talk Radio the other week to comment on this very subject…
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  • How to Choose an Agent in a Tougher Market

    April 2019
    Having a footing in both the Yorkshire and London markets, the current consensus I feel, is that the vast majority of buyers and sellers just want to get on with it. Yes there is continued hot-air being churned out on…
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  • Property Viewings are an Art, not a Science

    February 2019
    Getting footfall across the threshold is key to securing the sale of your home. The more viewings you have, the more likely you are to end up in the fortunate position of having offers on the table. Of course, the…
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  • Time to put Rightmove on a Diet

    January 2019
    Virtual tours, virtual reality, elevated photography, 3D floorplans, 4K drone fly-through video – you name it and you’ll find it online on major property portals. Sounds impressive, looks great on screen – what’s not to like? Actually, there’s a lot…
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  • The 50 Shades of Property

    November 2018
    Like it or not, the world has become more clinical in its approach to life in general. It’s all about analysis and I have previously mentioned that too much data isn’t necessarily a good thing. The same applies to taking…
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  • What are conveyancing fees?

    November 2018
    How do I know if I’m paying too much for conveyancing fees? When we are buying or selling our home, one of our most pressing concerns is knowing whether we are paying the right amount for the legal and other…
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  • Data Is Not King

    October 2018
    Our world seems to be increasingly driven by statistics and data harvesting. This information is being disseminated in ever more imaginative ways to theoretically enhance our knowledge and give greater insight into a specific sector. From graphs to percentage ratios,…
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  • Alex Goldstein’s Guide to Living in Harrogate

    October 2018
    I often get asked by Londoners wanting to relocate which are the best places to move to in the north of England, and although there are many I could name, at the top of my list is the spa town…
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  • Communication and Credentials are the Key

    September 2018
    In this fast paced, instant access world we seem to live in, communication in its various forms, seems to dominate our lives. Despite the plethora of mediums we can reach each other on – telephone, email, social media, newspapers or…
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  • Don’t be Duped by ‘Affordable Homes’ or it Could Cost the Earth

    July 2018
    Take a walk around some of our key towns and villages and I bet you will see more than a few mass-volume new home developments. The news is full of stories of first time buyers (FTBs) finding it difficult to…
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  • What is the difference between Leasehold and Freehold?

    June 2018
    One of the most common questions I get asked, and one of the areas of most confusion, is when it comes to the difference between Freehold and Leasehold properties. It is very important to understand the difference, especially as some…
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