Why use a Good Conveyancing Solicitor?

December 2016

Home owners and indeed purchasers, can often feel what is the point of having a good conveyancing solicitor on their side. After all, when you compare the prices, these online setups seem an obvious move. However what are the issues with doing this and what do you get with a more experienced solicitor?

Why use a Good Conveyancing Solicitor?

Full transcript below:

Alex: When you come to buy or sell a property please always ensure you use a good quality conveyancing solicitor. People sometimes think this is a easy way to cut a corner and save a bit of money when actually it’s the very thing that will cost them personally down the line. So, one side of things, when you come to sell, a good quality solicitor will prepare everything in advance, remain proactive and most importantly will be the single point of contact throughout the process. Going through a mass volume, conveyor belt type solicitor is really not the way to go. I recently came across a situation, it was a small chain, it involved this very type of solicitor, and what happened was that it took just over three months to exchange contracts. By comparison the other solicitor would have seen it through in under two months. That’s the difference. When you come to buy a solicitor needs to check all the legal options on a property. Again, the number of situations I’ve come across where a mass volume, low experience solicitor was used, historically when they’ve bought, they’ve failed to see the right of way at the back or the worst one I’ve ever seen, it’s an historic footpath coming right the way up the driveway to the front door of the property. So, the lesson is pay only a smidge more but get a good quality solicitor as you have to personally live with the consequences if they forget about that historic footpath. If you’re unsure who to use just drop me a line.

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