Where the TV Personalities get it Wrong

July 2016

When it comes to selling your home, the television personalities get some very major areas wrong! What works on TV, does not always translate to the real world. Listen to property expert Alex Goldstein give his thoughts

Where the TV Personalities get it Wrong

Full transcript below:

Alex: We are focussing on where the television personalities actually get it wrong. Now, for example they all say paint all your walls white, remove all your personal items, clear your rooms and give it a blank canvas look, however, this isn’t actually the right advice believe it or not. Firstly, most importantly it’s very difficult to photograph a blank room even dare I say with a professional photographer. Where are the features? There’s nothing to look at and if it’s all painted white it looks like a hospital. Now, ask yourself who likes going into hospitals? Of course, the answer is absolutely nobody so why would someone want to pay you to come and live in one, they don’t. Now, remember a house purchase is one of the very rare emotional purchases in life. People are buying into the lifestyle so in other words they have the photographs of the family out, the dog roaming around by the fire, and there’s the other extreme, do not have butter everywhere, it’s more a case of having clean, clear and smooth lines throughout the property. The golden rule is the more people feel at home the better your sale will go.

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