Tips on Securing Planning Permission

March 2020

If you’re thinking of extending or making changes to your property, you might need to look into gaining planning permission. But should you approach the local council first? No, says Alex Goldstein. Watch this short clip to learn Alex Goldstein’s tips on securing planning permission.

Tips on Securing Planning Permission

Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property concerns and demystifying the process. This week, I am taking a question from Adam, who’s got this to say.

Adam: Alex, I want to put a good size extension on the back of my home, so I thought I’d just ring up the council and debate it with them. Is this the right thing to do?

Alex: Adam, interesting question here. Now, look, the best advice I can give when it comes to planning permission is never speak with the council until you’ve spoken with a professional. Remember, as soon as you speak or, indeed, email them, everything’s on record. If you inadvertently rub them up the wrong way, you’re going to have a serious struggle on your hands. So, firstly, take your time, speak with a reputable architect, usually they going to be RIBA, or equivalent, qualification.

The planning laws have changed very quickly in the last few years, therefore, sometimes you can actually extend your property under what’s called permitted development. The architect’s gonna advise you on this, and, look, if it’s a more complicated case, say, for example, you’re a listed building or you’re in a conservation area, then you may need the expertise of a planning consultant. These are people who know the laws around the planning, whereas an architect, effectively, draws you the nice pretty pictures. Speak with the professionals, and if they give you the green light to speak with the council, then go for it, or be under their guidance. If you’re unsure about which architect or planning consultant to use, feel free to drop me a line.

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