The Pros and Cons of Open Viewings

September 2016

When are open viewings best carried out and what should you expect? Are they really all they are cracked up to be?

Property expert Alex Goldstein discusses these questions and more, as part of his radio show on StrayFM.

The Pros and Cons of Open Viewings

Full transcript below:

Sam: Yeah so, I hear a lot about viewing days and how they’re quite beneficial because obviously you just have to have your house clean for one day, a lot of people come in at once. I just want to know what your take on it is really because I wanted to know what the best thing to do is with regards to making sure the house sells.

Alex: Sam, interesting question here. As I see it open viewing days can be very useful if you’ve got an unusual property in the market and one that’s likely to create a lot of instant interest in it. It’s a very fair way to get a large number of people through the door in the most time-efficient manner. This situation often applies to properties that need extensive refurbishment because they don’t often crop up in the market. Now, open viewing days are a useful option if your property falls into this category or as part of a overall marketing strategy. However, don’t think for a minute that you’re going to get a barrage of viewings with 30 odd people storming through your home in an afternoon. This really very rarely nowadays happens, more often than not you just get a small handful of people all coming to view. The key with open viewings is to keep the timeframe for people to view quite tight, such as a couple of hours and not a whole day or afternoon, as this will now focus their efforts. Ensure that the agent can ideally accompany the viewers around and that all viewers are signed into the property so they an be followed up down the line for feedback. Personally, it’s usually best to have viewers shown around individually as you often get more out of them in terms of what they like or dislike about the property. Always try this route first then revert to an open….

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