The General Election, media and property

July 2017

What effect has the result of the general election had on the property market? And is what you read in the papers accurate?

The General Election, media and property

Full transcript below:

In the property news we’re talking about the general election, the media and the property market. Now the outcome of the general election has left many with different opinions. Theresa May has lost the overall majority. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party gained an extra 30 seats, taking them up to 262, while the Tories lost 13 seats and that took them down to 313. The press and the spin doctors have seized the moment claiming that Labour won. But hold on unless my calculations are completely out, in my opinion I say that Labour lost, they’ve got 51 fewer seats than the Tories albeit the Tories lost that overall majority ruling. Now according to the media this unprecedented result has led to many people adopting a wait and see approach to buying and selling their homes. Apparently, the recent political events have led to a shortage of supply coming onto the market and this has led into some people going into a bit of a blind panic. Now yes don’t get me wrong there’s certainly been a bit of turbulence, but we always knew this was going to happen with the Brexit negotiations starting. But hold on we knew that Brexit was coming almost exactly a year ago and we’ve been building up to this point. So, from my travels across Yorkshire and London I see that the supply and demand balance has just shifted recently. Demand remains very high for properties priced correctly, supply is slightly down, which means that if you put your home on the market you’ve got less competing properties, are likely to get great response because demand is so strong and surely this is good news. So, if you’re thinking of selling, my advice is to get the top 3 tips right, right price, right agent, right presentation. Get these spot on you really are away. So, when you come to buy you are in an excellent position and can negotiate from a position of strength, that’s what it’s about, and I should know as I’ve recently done this myself having bought and sold a property within the last few weeks. Now if I’m doing this with my years of experience perhaps the media are stirring up issues to sell newspapers. They wouldn’t do that, would they?

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