Selling your Home – Tips, Tricks & Advice

April 2020

Are you fed up with estate agents having had the initial pushy salesmanship and then having to constantly chase them for viewing feedback and to remain proactive? There is another way and this video explains all

Selling your Home – a property expert guide

Hello, I’m Alex Goldstein from Alex Goldstein Property Consultants. Are you fed up with estate agents? Do you initially get the pushy salesman approach, and then it’s left up to you to constantly chase them for viewing feedback? And, it’s over to you to spoon-feed them to remain proactive? Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone like TV’s Phil Spencer who could step in, and stand by your side, and guide you through what is one of life’s most stressful experiences? I’ve been in the property sector now for 15 years working for some of the UK’s most renowned estate agents, so I know what you should and should not do. Wouldn’t it also be great if you didn’t actually have to pay anything for this service, as my fee is taken out of the appointed agent’s commission? I look forward to working with you, and give me a call so we can chat through the options available to you.

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