Property Market Seasonality Myths

October 2019

Is selling your home in winter a good time or is there something you may be missing? How do the online search portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla see this time of year? Some property market myths explained!

Property Market Seasonality Myths

Full transcript below:

Alex: Hello, Alex Goldstein here. Just wanted to share with you as we are early/mid-December, as I think of it, a couple of property market myths. People often talk about this time of year, the seasonality and the activity in the property market but look, to be honest with you it doesn’t really exist, there aren’t really the seasonal buying and selling periods as we once knew them. Yes of course activity dips in August, it always does for the holidays, arguably a bit about now. However, it may well surprise you the number of years that I’ve actually done deals on Christmas Eve itself will certainly surprise you, and equally, the most important day for Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and all these online search portals believe it or not is boxing day and the 27 December, that is where they see a huge surge in traffic. So, if you’re looking to sell your property this is clearly a great opportunity just to maximise that to make sure and use your time over the next few weeks just to make sure that online entry is as great as it can be. And equally if you are looking to buy a property there are going to be some great options out there for you. When does the market pick up again post new year? Well as always, it’s when the children go back to school. So, for a lot of people, Monday 8 January, that is one of the key dates in the diary and that’s when you’ll see the market activity really pick up again towards sort of mid-February and then it will just stay very steady until that August holiday. I hope that’s of use, see you soon.

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