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    Why Choose Alex Goldstein Property Consultants?

    May 2015
  • I’d like to tell you a bit more about how I can help you sell your property. The number of clients I actually see who have got their heads in a spin, they’ve taken advice from three or four agents, they’ve looked online, they’ve got the media talking to them, and friends and family of course are going to be an influence. And the other side of the coin is I see clients who have been on the market for six months, a year. I had one the other week, three years in the market. And they just didn’t know where they’d gone wrong. This is where I can help.

    So I go in and advise clients on how to maximize the value of their property. And this can be through getting planning permission, outline all be it, advising on cosmetics, lighting and presenting the property to its absolute best. Thereafter I give thoughts on marketing strategy, photographs, and also which is the most appropriate agent, because after all, how do you choose the agents? With my experience, you get to know the agents. And I know most of them on sort of personal terms. You know what some agents are very good at, and what others are by comparison. So after we have run through the most appropriate course of action, we invite said agent out to give his thoughts, combined with my own to get the very best ideas out for you, so we start heading in the right direction. The agent comes on board and once a week I ring the agent for 30 seconds, no more, and I just say, “What’s going on with this property?” I know what he means, we speak the same language, and half an hour spent with you I can run through exactly what is going on with your sale, what it actually means, and if with my experience I can see a problem, we can tackle it head on. So if we need to fine-tune the website or cosmetically tweak the price, we can agree between ourselves and go and tell the agent just to get on with it. So all of a sudden, you are speaking weekly with your agent, you’re being proactive with your sale, and you will find the very best answer. The key to the service, the appointed estate agent pays my fee, not you, the house seller, and it’s exactly the same commission rate, exactly the same terms of business that you would normally have with that agent, it just happens that he gives me a cut of the commission. So the end of the day I add value to your sale without the cost.

    Alex Goldstein – Property Selling Service

    May 2015
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    Alex Goldstein – Property Buying Service

    May 2015
  • Today I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself and my background. I actually started my career as an estate agent, and I was an agent for about the last 13 or so years for some of the biggest names in the industry. I actually started with Cluttons, which is a very large sort of international residential property firm, and I started at their Oxford City market. And after a year, I was then promoted and went to the Country House team. And at that point it was a very specialist department and we were actively involved with multi-million pound sales anywhere in the country. Big focus was at that time [inaudible 00:00:45] counties, but interestingly linked in a lot with a lot of the regional offices and helped them get the higher value properties and was very successful at it and did it for a very good number of years. I then moved to Sutton Park in Harrogate, where I was involved again with country properties and [inaudible 00:01:05] with them started more on the town and urban market. I then moved to Knight Frank and, again, solely concentrated on gaining sort of town urban properties for them. Left all of that and the corporate world behind me a couple of years ago having spotted an opportunity, and I set up Alex Goldstein & Associates Property Consultants because every time I went to see an individual that was looking to sell their property they would say, “Alex, look, really like you, we’ve seen three other agents, but what is the difference? What are we actually buying into?” And often found that a lot of agents, you…under pressure to get just properties on your books, and you’re not necessarily give clients the best interest. So I now on the other side of the fence and aim to hold people’s hands through what a very stressful life experience. So if you feel I can help, do feel free to give me a call and we can catch up.

    Alex Goldstein Property Consultants – Background

    May 2015
  • Alex: Alex Goldstein, pleased to meet you.

    Trevor: Nice to meet you.

    Alex: Trevor, who wants to sell up, is showing off his wing of the castle.

    Trevor: Let me just show you. On this side, opposite the lake, we’ve got the two floors.

    Alex: Another storm is brewing.

    Trevor: This road, they created, you see. I mean, this road wasn’t there.

    Estate Agent 1: Right.

    Trevor: And there was a lovely hedge along here which was 30 feet high, which got cut down by mistake.

    Estate Agent 1: By mistake?

    Trevor: Yes, a mulberry hedge, lovely, 30-foot high, all the way along here. Come and say hello to Tom. It won’t do any harm.

    Alex: The two gentlemen are estate agents from London. Trevor wants to sell up and move as soon as possible, but there is an unresolved issue. The garden that went with the south wing is now part of Tom’s World Garden.

    Trevor: I think we do have to get our heads together, you know.

    Tom: Okay.

    Trevor: I mean, what these gentlemen are doing, which is selling the south wing for me, is going to fall flat on its face if we still, you know, haven’t sorted out all these things that need sorting.

    Tom: Yeah, yeah. Hi, great to meet you. Brilliant. I mean, I’m surprised. Yeah.

    Alex: In London, Trevor’s top firm of estate agents are discussing the garden problem.

    Estate Agent 2: Now, the bit that we do need to think through very carefully is this worry in aspect, in relation to the garden. Do you agree?

    Estate Agent 1: Oh, absolutely. You cannot go to market with a problem along those sort of lines.

    Estate Agent 2: We must get this agreed with the Hart-Dykes. Marketing that wing without a garden, I mean, I think it would be virtually unsaleable.

    Alex: But, with an alternative garden, what can Trevor expect to get for the south wing?

    Estate Agent 2: So five bedrooms, two bathrooms, three good reception rooms, what are our thoughts on the guide prices of the whole thing to start with?

    Estate Agent 1: Really, it’s in excess of a million.

    Estate Agent 2: Offers in excess of a million.

    Estate Agent 1: I think it’s definitely got to be that exact figure.

    Estate Agent 2: A realistic guide price, and then let the market tell us exactly, really, what it’s worth.

    Alex: Trevor’s estate agents have been busy marketing his wing of Lullingstone Castle, which is up for sale. This morning, Trevor’s firm of top estate agents is showing him the fruits of an intensive marketing campaign to find a buyer for the south wing.

    Estate Agent 2: You’ll see that we’ve got an advertisement in there at the bottom.

    Trevor: Oh, yeah. Oh, there we are. Lovely.

    Estate Agent 1: It’s almost a double-impact, really.

    Trevor: It catches the eye. Yeah, I think you’re right.

    Estate Agent 2: Now, of course, tomorrow, Trevor, we’ve got the weekend “Telegraph”, the full property supplement on Saturday.

    Trevor: Right, right.

    Estate Agent 2: We’ve got a “Country Life” editorial, may well be today or next week, but early days. Don’t let’s preempt and prejudge it. It think there’s one other point, Trevor, we just thought of. It was just whether it would be worth sending a brochure to the other members who live in the other wings and portions of the Castle.

    Trevor: I certainly don’t really want to send one to the Hart-Dykes. They’re not going to move here.

    Alex: Meanwhile, the Hart-Dykes’ neighbor in the south wing has something to celebrate. Finally, the legal loose ends are tied up, and Trevor is moving out and saying goodbye to Lullingstone after 30 years.

    Return to Lullingstone Castle (2007), BBC2, Alex Goldstein

    April 2015
  • Full transcript below:

    The Alex Goldstein Gold Standard is my personal guarantee to you in everything I undertake. First of all, its personal, I only ever work in your best interests and my focus is on your needs. It really is more than just property. From solicitors to builders, wealth managers to decorators, from my years in the business I’ve built up relationships from a vast array of trusted connections in professional services and the trades to ensure that your house sale or purchase goes as smoothly as possible. No referral fees behind the scenes, not now, not ever. Absolute integrity is everything to my reputation. It’s not about the money. Yes, I am a business and need to make a profit, but it really is about more than this. I know that if I do a great job for you, then you’re going to remember me and perhaps tell your friends and family. I’m always on hand, buying and selling property is not nine to five, so if you need to speak with me at 8 o’clock on a Friday night it’s not going to be a problem. I am completely open, you ask, I tell, it really is that simple and I do not hide behind call centres or websites. I will tell you openly and honestly my opinion. This way you know where you stand every step of the way. And lastly, experience is key, with over 15 years of continuous experience in property advice, comes from a long history of advising clients just like you. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of obstacles I’ve encountered and indeed overcome, so whatever challenges you face during your property move I will be there to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Thank you for watching.

    The Alex Goldstein Gold Standard

    April 2015
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    Once you’ve bought or sold your property our relationship doesn’t end there. You know what it’s like when you’ve just purchased or sold your home, you need help sorting the finishing decorative touches, perhaps advice on building work or getting that new insurance policy organised. Depending on your requirements I will open up my black book of trusted connections that I’ve gathered over my years in the property sector, ranging from architects, interior designers, decorators and plumbers, through to private banks, wealth managers, car finance specialists and even an artist who will create a bespoke piece for your new sitting room. So, if I don’t personally know someone who can help you there’s going to be someone I know who will point me in the right direction. Having a personal introduction and recommendation reduces any qualms or uncertainty you might be feeling. This service is available to you as my client at no extra cost, and of course is fully covered by the Alex Goldstein Gold Standard. No referral fees, no incentives, no backhanders, just tried and tested people I trust. Please look around my website and if you’ve got any questions feel free to call me or just drop me an email.

    Alex Goldstein Post Purchase Care

    April 2015
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    Alex Goldstein Buying Services

    April 2015
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