Live with Chris Dean on StrayFM

October 2016

Hear my “live” chat with Chris Dean about the amazing insight we have in the October edition of the Alex Goldstein Property Show

Live with Chris Dean on StrayFM

Full transcript below:

Chris: Property Consultant Alex Goldstein for those that don’t know your voice, they should, but for those that don’t introduce yourself please sir.

Alex: Yes, I’m Alex Goldstein, Alex Goldstein Property Consultants here in Harrogate and have got the property show here on Stray FM.

Chris: Of course, what is that show about? I’m getting it in the title but a bit more detail?

Alex: Yeah, we give pure insight into the world of property. This months absolutely amazing packed with top tips and insight as ever. It’s also being picked up quite a lot by other media sources as well. We’re discussing the market post-Brexit, believe it or not it really is all positive. We interview the owner of the largest interior showroom in Harrogate to get industry expertise in this sector. We discuss mortgages, do you go direct to your bank, do you go to the mortgage broker? The hot topic of estate agents’ fees and what you really need to look for, plus a lot more.

Chris: You’re a man who clearly knows your stuff, you’ve got a particular interview though?

Alex: You know this month really is exceptional.

Chris: You’re proud of this one, aren’t you?

Alex: I am, actually I have bold it may be, he is a trainer of estate agent sales negotiators across the country and this is across high street agents, hybrids and indeed the online agent and probably the most powerful and insightful interview we’ve ever done, and this is pure inside knowledge and effectively double agent spy at it’s best.

Chris: Go on, what does that mean?

Alex: Basically, Boyd tells us all as he sees it, what the differences are between the estate agency types and why the online agents are gaining market territory? What agents do actually get wrong and why? Plus, what really goes on behind the scenes in each agency sector. Plus, with his industry knowledge, he’s been doing this for about 30 odd years, who he would actually put to instruct his own home on the market and why, it’s incredible stuff.

Chris: That’s a radio voice you got there Alex. Yeah so for those that want to catch the show, how and when can they hear it?

Alex: It’s out on the first day of every single month. You can go on the Stray FM website or of course the Alex Goldstein website and it is all there, all to look forward to.

Chris: Podcast to download as well. Alex thank you very much for popping in and got that to look forward to, thank you.

Alex: Thank you, Chris.

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