Live on Nick Hancock’s Breakfast Show – StrayFM (June 2016)

June 2016

Listen to Alex Goldstein live with Nick at StrayFM, talking through the latest property show which has insights from PwC in Leeds discussing the current news about tax evasion and offshore funds. Plus a specialist joiner using a wood product with a 60 year guarantee!

Live on Nick Hancock’s Breakfast Show – StrayFM (June 2016)

Full transcript below:

Nick: Oh hello, it’s eight minutes past eight here on Stray FM here with Nick Hancock on breakfast. You never know what will happen next on Stray FM, anything could happen and just popping by in our studio here we have Alex Goldstein, property expert.

Alex: Morning, how are you?

Nick: Very well thank you.

Alex: It’s great to be here.

Nick: Well it’s really really good of you to drop by. Thank you for being here. So if you are buying, selling, adding to your property portfolio, which a lot of my listeners might be doing Alex, we have got this free property programme which you present, which is on our website, which you can listen to anytime you like. Tell us about the show?

Alex: It’s really incredibly exciting, it just aims to give everybody the insider tips and tricks and industry expert advice as you said when you come to buy and sell any property, and it doesn’t matter whether you are first-time buyer looking to get your first rung on the ladder, all the way through to sort of serial property portfolio ownership and you’re an experienced developer. There really is something for everyone that’s why its so much fun.

Nick: So, you just go onto our website, on the specialist shows bit there, you can download it and just tell us about some of the people we’ve had on, because we’ve had some real big decent guests on haven’t we?

Alex: Yeah, the one that’s currently out we had Price Waterhouse Cooper on, PwC from Leeds there and it was getting slightly controversial albeit as we were talking through tax avoidance and everything that’s in the news about Panama and David Cameron and offshore and tax efficiency and actually PwC is just a huge global brand, what do they actually do? Everyone sort of knows the name but not sure behind the scenes, so we were sort of picking this guy Chris’s brains and just getting behind it all. We’ve also had on Sharon Wright, who’s a very specialist joiner again local lady, but unbelievably they’ve got a wood product they use that has a 60, a six zero year guarantee and you can leave it in water for that amount of time, it will not move at all, you then put this paint product on that she uses, that’s got a 15-year guarantee. I don’t know anything that’s got those sort of years of guarantee.

Nick: I was just thinking it’s less DIY to do, if it’s got guarantees that long it sounds good. And just tell us from obviously your background, property expert, how have you found doing the radio show, have you enjoyed it? Have you been nervous? Has it been what you were expecting?

Alex: I’ve thoroughly loved it. I mean I’ve done bits and pieces before, I’ve done some sort of BBC programmes and their Homes Under The Hammer which I dare say people tune into on occasion but being o the radio is just different, it’s all about the voice, has no animation so to speak that you can do with your hands but yeah I’ve really thoroughly enjoyed it and yeah I do encourage everyone to listen in.

Nick: Absolutely, it’s a great listen. So, you download it, go to our website and then click on specialist shows and you’ll find the property programme there. Alex thank you so much for popping by.

Alex: Not at all thanks a lot Nick.

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