Instructing a conveyancing solicitor

March 2020

If you’re moving house, then this is a Must-Do! says property expert Alex Goldstein. He is constantly amazed by the amount of times it doesn’t happen and house sales either grind to a near-halt, or fall through altogether. Don’t let this happen to you!

Instructing a conveyancing solicitor

Full transcript below:

When it comes to instructing a conveyancing solicitor for your sale or your purchase then key is to do this sooner rather than later and I am constantly amazed how rare it is for an estate agent to flag this up to their clients who are selling or indeed to purchasers. Well I go over here you say well Alex that’s great but what is the actual point of doing that? Now look, if you’re selling for example you’re going to need to provide original or authorised copies of your passport and a recent utility bill. Scan and email is no longer accepted. You’re going to need to sign the solicitor’s paperwork, ask them to open a file, plus instruct them to collate the title information go through it and if there are any issues to iron out you may need to get some indemnity insurance. As the vendor you’re also going to need to dig out all your paperwork and the guarantees and the certificate and before you know it you’ve easily wasted ten days trying to secure all this information. Now if you haven’t done this early on you’re now going to waste valuable time sorting this out very often at the point of going under offer and this is really when you should be focussing and progressing towards exchange. Most importantly if you do forget to do this it sends completely the wrong message to your buyer and dents their confidence because you’re wasting 10 days before the solicitors can even do anything with the whole transaction. So, the key, always instruct a quality solicitor and ensure you do it at the same time as instructing your estate agent, then there’s never going to be any surprises down the line. That’s the Alex Goldstein Property Show and yet again some superb top tips and features. If you need expert information, videos and up to the minute property news then head over to my website alternatively if you require personalised advice or 15 years of experience advice when it comes to buying or selling your property, please get in touch directly.

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