Improvements to your home? This is a must!

December 2016

When homeowners undertake improvement works at their home – whether it be window replacement, building, electrics and plumbing – they often completely forget to do this…

Alex Goldstein shares his top tips on what to do when you undertake any works at your home and how not to be caught out!

Improvements to your home? This is a must!

Full transcript below:

Alex: When you have any works done keep all invoices and especially any guarantees in a specific folder. This may well sound obvious, but I tell you the number of times I’ve had transactions renegotiated or even fall through because the homeowner was unable to lay their hands on some appropriate certificate never ceases to amaze me. Whilst you can often secure these retrospectively the amount of time this takes can be onerous. If you keep work invoices, guarantees, warranty’s, building regulations certificates, planning details etc. all together then you know you will never have an issue when you come to sell. You simply just hand over the entire folder to your conveyancing solicitor. Job done.

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