How to Present Your Home For Sale

March 2020

Property expert Alex Goldstein’s Property Hospital. Alex answers a question about How to Present Your Home when you are putting it on the market. He reveals that we’ve moved on from the cliches of pots of coffee brewing and bread baking on the over. Clean lines, space and lighting are what you need to think about. Listen here for his top tips.

How to Present Your Home For Sale

Full transcript below:


Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property concerns and demystifying the process. This week I’m answering a question from Lisa who’s got this to say.

Lisa: Hi Alex, I’m putting my house on the market soon and I want to make it look as attractive as possible to buyers. I’ve read that doing things such as having a fresh pot of coffee on the go, baking bread in the oven and the table all set for dinner help, but are they a bit cliched?

Alex: Lisa, thank you and yes, you’re absolutely right all those ideas are a bit dated nowadays and today it’s more about clean lines and less clutter the better. So clear away anything from the room that shouldn’t be there making sure all the surfaces are tidy and dust free. Dirty homes and unpleasant smells will deter your buyers. Clear any used pots from the kitchen and ensure any pet areas are thoroughly cleaned. Empty all your bins of course, have freshly laundered towels in a sparkling bathroom. I do actually know some clients have even bought brand new fluffy towels which they keep solely for house viewings. Also think about your furniture, what are you going to be taking with you. If you’re not going to be taking it, get rid of it and create more space in your home. Then think about lighting, warm ambient lighting will set the room off to its best so ensure key areas are well lit with lamps, downlighters or pendant lighting. The key is to put yourself in the position of the buyer and think about what would put you off and what you would like to see when you look around someone else’s home. I hope this is some help and best of luck with the house sale.

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