How to Manage a Buyer in a Hurry

July 2020

Property expert Alex Goldstein discusses how to manage a buyer in a hurry when you are not sure you’ll be ready. It is this months’s property hospital question from listener James for the Alex Goldstein Property Show.

How to Manage a Buyer in a Hurry

Full transcript below:

Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property concerns and demystifying the process. Now this week I’m answering a question from James, who’s got this to say.

James: Hi Alex, my house sale is under offer and going well and we’re moving quickly in the right direction and the purchasers in a great position, chain free and cash and it’s put me under pressure to exchange and only leave me a couple of weeks until completion. How do I manage this situation and how can I pack up my home in the mean time?

Alex: James, appreciate the question. Now if you’ve got a buyer that is clearly in a strong position and enthusiastic about exchanging, then it is well worth keeping them onside. Shake their hand gleefully and honestly, run for the hills, in other words get them signed up ASAP so you’ve got the security that you’re deal has gone through. Up until the point of exchange transaction is virtually meaningless. Now if you’re worried about the relatively tight timeframe and packing up your home, don’t worry. Many home removal companies offer a home packing service, you literally don’t need to do anything, and their team come in, wrap, pack your entire house and you can even ask them to unpack at your new home. Surprisingly I have to say it really isn’t a huge amount more money and really worth outsourcing this fairly tedious task. I hope this helps.

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