How to decide which Estate Agent to choose?

October 2019

Alex Goldstein discusses how to decide which agent to choose when selling your home. Do you go with the one who quotes the best price for your home, or the one whose fees are the lowest? Or do you choose the one who’s sales pitch is the best? Or a combination of all these? Well, it’s none of those, and Alex reveals the correct answer.

How to decide which Estate Agent to choose?

Full transcript below:

Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property concerns and putting you back in control. Now this week I’m answering a question from Tom who’s got this question to ask.

Tom: Hi Alex, I’m about to put my house onto the market. I’ve seen three agents, but I don’t know which one to appoint. Do you have any insider tips please?

Alex: Tom, a useful question and one often asked by many homeowners. The points that regularly come up revolve around price, fees or professionalism. Now most vendors think they’re doing the logical thing by choosing a mixture of these points however they’re all completely wrong. What you need to look at is each agents’ front of house team. These are the people sat in the estate agents’ office each day, meeting and greeting walk in enquiries, taking incoming phone calls and they’re the ones who actually know the buyer database, these are the people who will actually sell your home and not the estate agents sat in your kitchen. Now you want to check out the front of house team before you see the agents at your home, go into each estate agents’ office and see how knowledgeable and helpful the front of house team were, mystery shop them in effect. You will know instantly which agent to go with. If you’re treated well as a perspective purchaser, then you’re more likely to find the right answer when you come to sell.

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