How to Choose Between Estate Agents?

December 2016

Choosing between estate agents can put your head in a spin! They all say the same, they all offer the same – but what are you looking for and how should you read between the lines. Listen in to property expert Alex Goldstein answering this question from one of his StrayFM listeners

How to Choose Between Estate Agents?

Full transcript below:

Alex: This week I’m answering a question from Karen.

Karen: Alex, help! I have seen three estate agents, they all say the same, they all promise to do the same things, I have no idea how to choose between them. I really don’t know what to do?

Alex: Great question and one I actually commonly come across. You’ve got to remember most estate agents are excellent sales people. In addition, some use tactics such as quoting high valuations or putting in low fees just to entice you to sign up with them, so you end up in a bit of a spin. What every homeowner seems to overlook is the agent sat in your kitchen, telling you about the virtues of their company is not actually the person involved the most in incoming telephone calls and walk-in enquiries. This falls to their front of house team. Whilst the agent in your home will see a element of these enquiries, their office based team are the ones who actually sell your property. So, therefore my advice Karen is to mystery shop your agents as a prospective purchaser, see how well you’re treated, how knowledgeable the staff are. If the agents, you saw are all along similar lines this is the ultimate test on how to differentiate. I hope that helps.

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