How to choose a home removal firm

October 2019

Property consultant Alex Goldstein explains how to choose a home removal firm, what to look out for, and what you need to take into account when booking them in, from what’s included in the service, to how much advance notice you need to give them.

How to choose a home removal firm

Full transcript below:

Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property concerns and demystifying the process. Now this week I’m answering a question from Chris who’s got this to say.

Chris: Hi Alex, I’m moving soon and need to book a removal firm. I’ve already had some quotes and they are so different, from a few hundred quid to over a thousand. Of course, I want to get the best deal but I’m afraid if I choose the cheapest I might not get a good service. How do I know who to choose?

Alex: Excellent question Chris. It’s true cost between removal companies varies vastly and it really is sometimes difficult to know whether you paying more is worth it. Really the best thing is to get three quotes and find out exactly what’s included in the service. Now I’ve actually just done this myself, and I personally felt paying more for a great removals firm was actually worth their weight in gold. After all, buying a property can be stressful and why make it more stressful at the end? Trying to pack up in time, especially if you have children and then forgetting which box items were in when you arrive at your new home is sometimes just not worth the hassle. Check out all the removal firms well in advance of your move date so that as soon as you reach exchange you can book your favourite in. The good ones will get booked up very quickly, so you need to be on the ball. Check their insurance cover, who will be moving your items and who will be your key point of contact. If you’re unsure who to use just let me know and I can point you in the right direction. I hope this helps.



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