How Many Estate Agents Should I Use?

December 2016

Thinking of instructing a second or joint agent? Then you may wish to pause for thought.

Alex Goldstein discusses what you really need to know when making this decision, what are the pitfalls to be aware of and avoid.

How Many Estate Agents Should I Use?

Full transcript below:

Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property woes and worries when it comes to your experiences in the property sector. This week I’m answering a question from Nathan who had this to say.

Nathan: Alex, I’m currently on the market with my second agent and I’m contemplating moving to a third agent. Is this worthwhile doing?

Alex: Nathan, just be careful. It strikes me albeit on the face of it that there could be an underlying issue. Just question yourself if your home is presented, is it best priced correctly and the marketing material looks good? Now with experience, moving to a third agent can send out completely the wrong message to the market and with the age of the internet buyers can obtain a lot of sales history about a property instantly. Third agent move could indicate that you’re desperate to sell or indeed you can’t sell, neither of which you want to draw overtly to the markets attention. One possible option is whether you actually bring in a joint agent and this is a much more subtle way of getting in this third agent but do ensure this new agent is very different to the existing one. You don’t want to be doubling up on efforts but it’s more a case of filing in any gaps. Bring in a third agent or indeed a joint agent should be thought through very carefully indeed and I’ll touch base with you just to ensure it’s actually the right option for you.

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