Hometime with Will Smith on Stray FM (May 2016)

May 2016

Listen to Alex Goldstein’s “live” conversation with Will Smith about his background, his role as a Phil Spencer property expert and what to expect from his new property radio show!

Hometime with Will Smith on Stray FM (May 2016)

Full transcript below:

Will: Will Smith here and I want to introduce you to Stray FMs newest presenter, Alex Goldstein. Good afternoon Alex.

Alex: Well good afternoon, thank you for the kind introduction.

Will: No worries and it’s great to have you here. Other than being on Stray FM, what’s your background?

Alex: Well, I used to be an estate agent for many years down in London where I started my career and I did a lot of country houses and estates down there for one of the big international firms and then otherwise I’ve been up in Harrogate for abut eight years again with some of the big guys as well so I’m literally property through and through, it’s really all I’ve ever done actually.

Will: Tell us about your new role now then?

Alex: Yeah, the new business has been up and running for abut four years now and I’m a property consultant, so I now help people buy property in London and Yorkshire where we are. I also happen to help them sell and sort of use who I know and what I know as a ex estate agent but in a very different way and it’s great just to be able to help people in the right direction.

Will: What Alex doesn’t know about property quite frankly isn’t worth knowing. And Alex you’ve got a new show on Stray FM. We’ll tell you how you can access the show very soon but first of all I’ll let you explain about it.

Alex: It’s really very exciting indeed and some great reviews so far so thank you to everyone that’s listened in. The basis of the show is really to give people the insider tips, tricks and industry expert advice when it comes to buying and selling your property. Now we’ve got guests coming into the show whether its conveyancing solicitors, next month we’ve got Price Waterhouse Coopers, some real global heavyweights as well and its just delving into their world and picking their brains and getting the best out of them so just really helping the listeners.

Will: So, you can access this show on our website strayfm.com click on the Alex Goldstein Property Show. If you are thinking of moving house soon, thinking of selling your house, renting a house, know someone who is, maybe you’ve got family buying a house you need to have this show in your life and you can take it with you, you can listen on your smartphone, you can listen on your iPad, your laptop. Download it now, have a listen at your leisure. Strayfm.com click on the Alex Goldstein Property Show and Alex thank you for talking to us on Stray FM on this sunny afternoon.

Alex: Absolutely great to be here and thank you.

Will: Strayfm.com to download the latest Alex Goldstein Property Show.

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