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April 2017

First Impressions Count when Selling Your Home

Full transcript below:

Don’t ever underestimate the impact of kerbside appeal if you want to sell your home. One of the first things potential buyers will see when looking for a new home is that photograph of the front of your house, often in a list of properties that they are scanning on a website or a property app. You need to make your house look as attractive as possible at first glance and it could make the difference between them scrolling right past or stopping for a closer look. Also, many buyers do a drive buy of houses they are interested in before they go and book a viewing so it’s really important that the front of your house is presented at its best. So, first thing get rid of the cars, bins and anything else out on the driveway when the photographer comes to shoot the images so that the front of your house looks completely uncluttered. Clean all the windows and window sills at the front and paint all wooden doors with a fresh coat. Make sure the garden is weeded and tidied, hedges are pruned, and weeds pulled up. If you’ve got a doorbell make sure it works and if not either fix it or remove it. These are small things that if done can make a difference between people stopping or simply passing by.

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