Estate Agent For Sale Boards – Why Use Them?

December 2016

Estate agent “for sale boards” are often questioned by vendors whether they are actually worthwhile in this digital age. What are the reasons for using them and what do they offer?

Estate Agent For Sale Boards – Why Use Them?

Full transcript below:

Alex: And this month we’ve got Beth and she’s got this for me.

Beth: Alex, the estate agent feels putting up a for sale board at my house will help the sale. I’m not so sure, I feel they’re just using it for profile, plus I’m mindful that the neighbours may now look my house up as they’re not currently aware it’s for sale. What’s the best thing to do?

Alex: Great question there Beth and one actually very commonly asked. Now, for sale boards are a very useful tool in the range of marketing options at an agents disposal. Firstly, you never know who’s going to be driving or walking past the property and of course this is free to you because the agent pays for it. Secondly, for viewing purposes it clearly states where your property is and the last thing you ever want is a viewer running late due to traffic and then can’t find your house. You need to be waving from a distance where you are, so they can see it and start to relax before they come through the door. Now, regarding your neighbours, I would simply say that look everyone nowadays is actually connected online and therefore in fairness your neighbours probably already know abut the sale, especially if they’ve got an automated website search set up. So, look overall I would certainly say go for it initially and if you feel it’s been up long enough then just ask the agent to take it down but at least at that point you’ve been able to make an informed decision.

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