Brexit Update

July 2016

Property consultant Alex Goldstein gives his personal thoughts on the property market post Brexit. What should you do if you are now looking to buy or sell property and what does the future hold for property?

Brexit Update

Full transcript below:

Alex: Hello, I’m Alex Goldstein from Alex Goldstein Property Consultants. I’ve been inundated recently following the UK’s departure from Europe, which is still in the current throws. And I just felt should talk through if you’re looking to buy or sell property what should you do. Bottom line is don’t panic. It’s very easy to get bought and buy into this media frenzy at the moment, but we’ve got to remember a couple of things. The laws of property rely on supply and demand, we’ve also got to remember that George Osbourne and the Bank of England, Mark Carney has set aside £250 billion pounds to ensure that markets remain stable. We also have to remember that the UK start Article 50 and the proposed departure from the EU, it’s got nothing to do with the EU, so it’s on our timescale. It’s also the UK’s and the EU’s best interests to start sensible negotiations because after all we’re in it together and we’re both equally vested. The end of the day if you’re looking to buy a property as always, as I’ve always said get yourself into the best possible buying position. There are always people that need to buy and there are always people that need to sell. So, make sure you look out for those properties where the vendor is keen to sell, and you can form a bit more of a deal. If you’re looking to sell your property, again as I’ve always said make sure that marketing is absolutely perfect, and again judge an offer by its individual merits. Yes, of course it’s the offer amount, but it’s also the basis of the offer and if that’s right, again make an informed decision. Yes, there is some short-term turbulence, we knew that was going to happen. Don’t worry about it and I’ll see you in a couple of months when hopefully the dust has settled. If you want to chat anything through, feel free, give me a call and drop me a line and thanks very much for watching.

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