Are you Selling for the Right Reasons?

November 2019

Are you selling for the right reasons? This question came up during Alex Goldstein’s property show from listener Tom. He’d

seen that a house he’d like to buy had come on the market but wasn’t sure how to proceed, as he feared that he might not get it. Should he put his own up for sale, or wait? Listen to Alex’s expert advice on this common dilemma.

Are you Selling for the Right Reasons?

Full transcript below:
Alex: The property hospital is all about me answering your property concerns and demystifying the process. Now this week I’m answering a question from Tom who’s got this to say.

Tom: Hi Alex, I’m thinking of going on the market because I’ve seen a property that I like, but, if I don’t get it I don’t know what to do. I’d really appreciate your insight on this please.

Alex: Tom, look please be careful here and you’re absolutely right to ask. Remember that nowadays the market is very transparent and there’s lots of websites out there recording all sorts of information about your potential house sale. Now as soon as you launch onto the open market these websites effectively press record and you start leaving what is called a digital footprint. Now, this is actually quite difficult to get rid of. I say this because if you’re going to go on to the market you must do it for the right reasons and have a plan B if you do not secure the property you ideally want. It’s not advisable nowadays to dip your toe into the water and test the market only to find that the property you wanted has gone under offer, you then withdraw your property from the market and you leave behind the digital footprint that can be looked at in years to come and you don’t want to give the market the wrong impression about your home when you really do want to sell when that time comes. So overall my advice is if you want to sell then do it for all of the right reasons and go for it. If you just want to test the market, to gauge a reaction or indeed try and secure just that one single property then almost hold back and question your motivations to sell. If you’re unsure you only need give me a call. I hope this helps.

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