Alex Goldstein – Property Selling Service

May 2015

I’d like to tell you a bit more about how I can help you sell your property. The number of clients I actually see who have got their heads in a spin, they’ve taken advice from three or four agents, they’ve looked online, they’ve got the media talking to them, and friends and family of course are going to be an influence. And the other side of the coin is I see clients who have been on the market for six months, a year. I had one the other week, three years in the market. And they just didn’t know where they’d gone wrong. This is where I can help.

So I go in and advise clients on how to maximize the value of their property. And this can be through getting planning permission, outline all be it, advising on cosmetics, lighting and presenting the property to its absolute best. Thereafter I give thoughts on marketing strategy, photographs, and also which is the most appropriate agent, because after all, how do you choose the agents? With my experience, you get to know the agents. And I know most of them on sort of personal terms. You know what some agents are very good at, and what others are by comparison. So after we have run through the most appropriate course of action, we invite said agent out to give his thoughts, combined with my own to get the very best ideas out for you, so we start heading in the right direction. The agent comes on board and once a week I ring the agent for 30 seconds, no more, and I just say, “What’s going on with this property?” I know what he means, we speak the same language, and half an hour spent with you I can run through exactly what is going on with your sale, what it actually means, and if with my experience I can see a problem, we can tackle it head on. So if we need to fine-tune the website or cosmetically tweak the price, we can agree between ourselves and go and tell the agent just to get on with it. So all of a sudden, you are speaking weekly with your agent, you’re being proactive with your sale, and you will find the very best answer. The key to the service, the appointed estate agent pays my fee, not you, the house seller, and it’s exactly the same commission rate, exactly the same terms of business that you would normally have with that agent, it just happens that he gives me a cut of the commission. So the end of the day I add value to your sale without the cost.

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