Alex Goldstein – Property Buying Service

May 2015

Alex Goldstein – Property Buying Service

I’d like to tell you more about my buying service. I often get telephone calls from individuals saying, “We’re fed up with the estate agents. They’re not taking us seriously. We’re in a good position. We’re always the last to know about property, or we’re finding ourselves constantly getting gazumped.”

I’ve got 13 years of experience, and I really have seen it all, and my primary role is to give you the inside track on property and to get you to the very front of the queue so you are the first to know, and it puts you in pole position. So how does the whole structure work?

Initially, I meet with you, and we would run through, in detail, your criteria and requirements. I would then go away and just do an initial search. And what I always try to do, at that point, is actually take you slightly out of your comfort zone and just fully test the criteria so that we know that we are heading along the right track. And once we’ve fine-tuned that, then we arrange however many viewing days it takes, and it’s quite often I say to clients, “Look, it’s best to have five or six viewings in a day, absolutely no more, because then you just can’t quite sort of remember it all.” We evaluate all the properties that we’ve seen, and when we do find the right answer, I will help you with some great advice, negotiate on your behalf, and just make sure that the whole process runs very smoothly, indeed, to exchange.

Once you’ve completed, my service doesn’t stop there, and I offer what I call ‘post-purchase care’. And all this very simply is, most people, when you buy a property, want to do something to it and make your own mark. So what I do is, I will give you and hand over my trusted tradespeople. I get nothing for it, but if you need a great decorator, or a roofer, or a joiner, I know the right people and I will put you in touch, just to make your life more simple.

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