Alex Goldstein “live” with Nick Hancock on StrayFM

February 2017

Alex chats to Stray FM’s Nick Hancock about the Alex Goldstein Property show.

Alex Goldstein ‘live’ with Nick Hancock on StrayFM

Nick: Here, there is a wonderful world…oh, there you go…of stuff on our website, loads and loads of content that you can listen to in your own time, loads of really useful life stuff on there. And I’m gonna make my number one recommendation to you to download… Go onto our website and have a listen to the “Alex Goldstein Property Show”. So, you’ve got about half an hour in there, loads of interesting stuff, and in fact, the main man is here to tell us what is in January’s “Alex Goldstein Property Show”.

Alex: Nick, you’re too kind. Great to be here this morning. Very full-on show this month. We’re talking through property investment. What should you actually do, and what do you need to look for now? A lot’s changed, obviously, in a short amount of time. When you are selling your home, who is actually best to show around the buyer on first viewings and second viewings, and most importantly, again, why? We interview and get the inside track on conveyancing solicitors. We’ve got Winston Solicitors’ Katrina Allen in Harrogate in. Plus, we answer the question, should you market your property with an estate agent if they’re selling a property you wish to buy? And loads more, fantastic show.

Nick: Okay. I’ve already listened. It is great. You can download it from the Stray FM website. Alex, have a fab weekend.

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