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  • When it comes for the time to sell your property, most homeowners get themselves in an absolute spin and it’s not surprising. They get so many thoughts and advice from different sources. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the meet, or it’s online and it’s suppler and it’s their algorithms, or it’s the television and it’s Phil and Kristie of “Location, Location, Location”, or it’s friends and family, or it’s three or four estate agents, it sends you in absolute circles. So how do you actually cut through all of that and appoint the most appropriate agent for your property and your needs? Now if you listen to Phil and Kristie for example, they always say well go with an agent that’s got the greatest online exposure. That’s where it’s at and that’s, yes admittedly, is where about 90% of all property searches start. But are they possibly missing the point?

    A lot of property owners really feel themselves left with three choices at the end of the day when they’ve seen their agents. Do you, first of all, go with the agent that’s given you the highest guide price? The one that’s given you the lowest fee? Or of course, the one that’s given you the best sale speak and best presentation? And often clients go for a combination of these and they think that they’ve actually got all their bases covered. But at the end of the day, they haven’t. And they fail to overlook…sorry, they fail to look into the most important factor, and that actually is the estate agent’s front of house team. At the end of the day, the people selling your property are sat in the estate agent’s office. It’s nothing really to do with the chap that sat in your kitchen, talking you through everything. Of course he’ll be in the office and taking a few of the calls, but it’s his sales team, his sales force back at base that are really driving your sale. So my advice to clients is to get those other staff members around your property. They’ve seen it in real terms and they can sell it effectively.

    How to Choose the Best Estate Agent?

    April 2020