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  • Del Boy Trotter and PLC New Homes

    December 2021
      Only Fools and Horses – the ultimate British sitcom following the trials and tribulations of Del Boy and his brother Rodney on their mission to get rich. However, when it comes to PLC new homes, it would seem that…
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  • How To Be An Attractive Buyer?

    November 2021
      Ask any estate agent how many potential buyers come to them and say they are ‘cash’ and they will usually sigh and roll their eyes. This term is often thrown around quite nonchalantly and buyers need to be wary…
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  • Why Is The Yorkshire Property Market So Strong?

    October 2021
      The Yorkshire property market has been on fire recently, with surging house prices, strong demand and there doesn’t seem to be any loss of appetite currently. So how did all this interest suddenly come to Yorkshire and what’s really…
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  • The Hidden Property Sector

    September 2021
      There has been a part of the property market that has been steadily gaining strength which I refer to as ‘the hidden property sector’. This hidden sector is the off-market sector, and remains hidden to many. To the uninitiated, these…
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  • A Phenomenal Property Market – Now What?

    August 2021
      There have been moments nothing short of insanity in the Yorkshire market recently, with exceptionally high prices being achieved, sealed bids, jaw-dropping competition and no let up – what a phenomenal property market we’ve seen! As we exited the…
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  • The Empty Homes Scandal – Who’s The Fool?

    July 2021
      648,114 empty homes – let that sink in for a moment. That is the number the Government published in their report from October last year, on the number of uninhabited homes in the UK. Of this, 225,845 were classed…
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  • What Are You Really Paying An Estate Agent For?

    June 2021
      When selling your property, have you ever asked the question – ‘what are you really paying an estate agent for?’ The sceptics out there will say this sounds like an oxymoron; however it has never been more important to…
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  • Cladding Scandal – The Bigger Picture

    May 2021
      Cladding isn’t just cladding. Following the tragic events at Grenfell in 2017, it has come to light that a high proportion of ‘modern’ apartment blocks across the UK were built and fitted with inadequate and flammable cladding, balconies, cavity…
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  • One Estate Agent Or Two?

    April 2021
      From time to time I’ll be asked by a vendor if they should be using one estate agent or two to better their chances of selling their home – to which I often advise this isn’t necessarily the better…
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  • The Butchered Landscapes Of PLC Developers

    March 2021
      Walking around the open countryside surrounding Harrogate the other weekend, my heart sank when I came over the horizon and saw butchered landscapes, strewn with heavy duty excavators, mountains of rubble and the beginnings of yet more mass-scale new…
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  • The Hidden Time Options When Selling Your Home

    February 2021
      Time. It is one of the most important factors when trying to buy or sell your home – more often than not, matters do not move at the pace you want – don’t even get me started on local…
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  • PLC New Homes: Why I Would Never Buy One

    December 2020
      Apples – sometimes you bite into one and what lies beneath the pristine surface, is nothing but a floury rotten core. You could say this is like buying a new build home from a PLC developer (ie one who…
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