• Affordable Housing – it’s not what you think

    December 2017
    We hear a lot about house prices being unattainable for first-time buyers and about ‘affordable’ housing. However, the lines are being heavily blurred by politicians and the media. What you may at first think are two close relatives, are actually…
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  • Inheriting A Property

    July 2017
    Winston Solicitors LLP and Alex Goldstein Property Consultants, in conjunction with Saint Michael’s Hospice, are hosting an evening dedicated to keeping you ‘In The Know’ when it comes to inheriting property. Join us for this fast paced insightful talk, which will…
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  • Recording of my presentation at PwC in Leeds in April 2016, outlining my thoughts on the new stamp duty surcharge, effect of Brexit and how to view property investment now in the UK (more…)

    Homeowners under the Hammer with PwC

    April 2016
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