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  • Hold On Yorkshire – 2022 Is Here

    January 2022
      Despite the cold, it’s that time of year to strip down and get out there, what one thinks will happen in the property market over the course of 2022. The last two years in the Yorkshire market have been…
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  • Why Is The Yorkshire Property Market So Strong?

    October 2021
      The Yorkshire property market has been on fire recently, with surging house prices, strong demand and there doesn’t seem to be any loss of appetite currently. So how did all this interest suddenly come to Yorkshire and what’s really…
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  • The Plight of Mortgage Prisoners

    August 2021
      The property sector continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons, with various injustices coming into the public eye. Whether it’s the cladding scandal, the Leasehold debacle, mortgage prisoners or PLC developers cutting corners behind the…
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  • A Guide To Living In Ilkley

    September 2020
      A good part of the work I handle is relocations, particularly people moving from the south to the north, either for work or because they want to swap a busy metropolitan lifestyle for a quieter, more rural existence. You…
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  • Alex Goldstein’s Guide to Living in Harrogate

    October 2018
      I often get asked by Londoners wanting to relocate which are the best places to move to in the north of England, and although there are many I could name, at the top of my list is the spa…
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