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  • What Are You Really Paying An Estate Agent For?

    June 2021
      When selling your property, have you ever asked the question – ‘what are you really paying an estate agent for?’ The sceptics out there will say this sounds like an oxymoron; however it has never been more important to…
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  • As part of the Barclays Private Bank monthly podcast, I discuss the latest and fast changing trends in the (more…)

    Property Trends and Forecasts

    September 2020
  • Richard Christian of BluSkills is a former Royal Marine Commando and now runs his own security services business. Pulling on (more…)

    Home security expert and former Royal Marine Commando discusses personal safeguarding

    September 2020
  • The Alex Goldstein Property Show with StrayFM (Part 1) – a fast paced educational podcast aimed at giving you the inside track when it comes to buying or selling your home! (more…)

    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 1)

    November 2019
  • In The Alex Goldstein Property Show, Alex speaks to Alan Waxman, one of the most sought-after designers and (more…)

    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 16)

    November 2019
  • Listen to Alex Goldstein’s interview with award-winning designer and property developer Alan Waxman of Landmass, who is one of the (more…)

    Interview with Alan Waxman of Landmass

    October 2019
  • The Alex Goldstein Property Show is packed full of useful information, including top tips from security expert Patrick (more…)

    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 15)

    October 2019
  • In May 2017’s packed Alex Goldstein Property Show, Alex talks to a financial expert on putting yourself in the best (more…)

    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 14)

    October 2019
  • Alex Goldstein’s interview with leading Harrogate Architect Joel Smith of SSA asks Are TV property development shows worth watching? What is ‘permitted development’ and what do you have to be aware of? And how do you make sure you keep the local authority on your side when developing your home? How do you get planning permission and what is the process? (more…)

    Interview with leading Harrogate Architect Joel Smith of SSA

    October 2019
  • Listen to full interview with property expert Alex Goldstein, “live” on Vale FM with Steve Twynham – talking through his career to date, what a property consultant actually does and how he helps people buy and sell residential property. (more…)

    Alex Goldstein “Live” on Vale FM

    October 2019
  • Alex Goldstein is ‘live’ on Talk Radio with Mike Graham, discussing the North-South property price divide and why southern prices have dipped for the first time in 8 years. Why has this happened and what is the driver behind it all?

    ‘Live’ on Talk Radio

    April 2019
  • Featuring global heavyweights in the accountancy and personal services sector PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) discussing offshore funding, tax planning andtax avoidance.

    Plus Sharon Wright – a specialist joiner using a wood product which has a 60 year guarantee and paint system with up to 15 years!

    In addition we discuss the ONLY question you need to ask your estate agent before you instruct them.

    So much to cram in, plus the Alex Goldstein top tips!


    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 3)

    October 2018
  • In this special one-year anniversary edition of the Alex Goldstein Property show, Alex discusses the next potential scandal in the property world concerning new build homes and leaseholds. He also talks wills, trusts and probate with legal expert Andrew Parascando of Powell Eddison Solicitors, and home insurance with Ian Darnbrook of A1 Insurance Services. In the property hospital this month is a question about staging your home for sale, and Alex shares his top tips on kerbside appeal. (more…)

    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 13)

    April 2017
  • New House Builder Scandal

    April 2017
  • In this month’s Alex Goldstein Property Show, Alex speaks to Matthew Jones, an expert on the law governing leaseholds and (more…)

    The Alex Goldstein Property Show (Part 12)

    March 2017
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